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My name is Geert Bero and I am born in Oostende Belgium, vintage 1973. 
In 2004  I moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where I live with my wife and children.  

I started buying a couple of Ardbeg's and focused on distillery bottlings only for the collection. I always try to buy two bottles of each, one for collecting, the other one for drinking. I do have about 110 open Ardbegs including some independent bottles in my personal drinking stash. My friends join me regularly for a tasting in the great Ardbeg Room.
Have fun and enjoy exploring my site! 

If you need any info on an Ardbeg Bottle ,drop me an email or contact me on FB
Sláinte, Geert

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Latest addition
Ardbeg #Ardbog MOR
Distilled - Size 450 cl
Bottled 2013 Bottles -
Age - Strength 52,1 %

The Ardbog was released on the first of june 2013 at the Feis Isle on Islay,and at the Ardbeg Embassies worldwide.
The whisky is a combination of 10 y old aged whisky from American oak ex-bourbon barrels and ex-spanish Manzanilla sherry butts.

This is the MOR bottle 4,5L

Random bottle
Ardbeg  Pre-Glenmorangie
Ardbeg  Pre-Glenmorangie
Ardbeg Pre-Glenmorangie
Distilled - Size 75 cl
Bottled - Bottles -
Age 10 years Strength 40,0 %
Country Italy    

Clear bottle ,black label
Box and neckflyer
Left top corner on label 75 cl
Right top corner on label 40%
Bottlecode SC 803
Glass dot on neck of bottle
Imported by S.P.I.R.I.T  S.P.A
The lettertype of the importer is thicker